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Unique Features for
Project Verticals

Project Planning
  • Each customer order is attached to a project
  • Planning is done for each item in a project and managed
  • Stock in common stores and Project stores considered in planning
  • Purchase Requisitions get generated from Planning result
  • Purchase requisitions linked to PO to a project
  • Procurement of common items and usage
  • Creation of multiple stores and attach them to a specific project
  • Handling of multiple Projects Stores
  • Manual Reservation of items for a Project
  • Control and transparency in transfer better projects
Bill of Materials
  • Project BOM is similar to entry in drawing, allows same item with different descriptions
  • Version of BOM maintained to track changes
  • Production is linked to a project
  • Consumption happens from respective project stores
  • Project MO is linked to BOM as any modifications will be applicable for that MO
  • Project wise Sub contract PO and transfers managed
Budgeting and Costing
  • Budget is captured during entry of project
  • Costing of purchase items is done based on weighted average cost
  • Manufacturing cost captured at every node point of data capture in production
  • Consolidated reports possible on project cost with various cost buckets
  • Analysis of budget variance
Project Status View
  • Given a project code, system wil show all PRs not converted to PO, Pos overdue, items not manufactured yet and pending etc