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Unique Features for
Label manufacturing companies

Consumption and Traceability
  • Raw Material rolls being maintained in Batches and controlled
  • Manufacturing managed with a separate Manufacturing order capturing details like
    • Width/ Length
    • Number of across
    • Impressions
    • No of Labels
    • Slitted quantity etc
Productivity Measurement
  • Speed, start time and end time are captured
  • Set up is separately captured along with consumption
  • Loss codes are captured to arrive at the Overall equipment Efficiency ( OEE)
  • Post press label production is also handled
  • No of labels, rolls and core details are captured
Quality Management System
  • QMS – quality management system integrated with CAR
  • Measurement of cost of poor quality
Product Costing
  • Overall costing and activity based costing can be arrived at
  • Manufacturing cost can be arrived at for each shift of production
  • Item-wise profit for a customer
  • Forecast planning based on buying patterns
  • With the raw material roll sizes available, determine the labels that can be produced