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Unique Features for
Items Trading companies

  • Customer enquiries handling
  • Quotation submission and management of status of quotes
  • Direct conversion of quotation to Customer order
Customer Order handling
  • Separate customer item code maintained
  • Purchase Orders linked to Customer order
  • Reorder Point Planning can be used to manage stocks and plan for replenishment
Inventory Management
  • For every item a Page no is maintained in Excise ledgers
  • RG23D updated for every receipt and sale
  • Items are maintained with Page numbers
  • All excise details are captured against the receipt
  • When items are sold the receipt details are shown for users to select
  • Option is provided to sell goods without excise also
  • Users can update excise ledgers at will during billing
  • Standard reports are available to view the balance in excise ledgers
  • Manufacturers Data are maintained for each item
  • Same item will have different item code for vendor and different item code for customer