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Unique Features for
InteGREATZ Sheet

Cutting Plan and Item identification
  • Unified cutting Plan for single/ multiple components/ blanks/ strips from sheet
  • End Bits, scrap handled as bye-products and managed
  • Handling of production using laser/ flame cutting
  • Handling of sheet/ Strip in both unit of measures – in Numbers and also in Kgs
  • Handling of circular blank
  • Item Master to handle RM specification sheet and manage weight of all items
Manufacturing of Strips/ Blanks & Components
  • Management of Non-standard Raw material sheet and Non-standard strip sizes
    • Elimination of Item codes for Non-std raw materials/ End Bits/ strips
  • Production without cutting plan for Nonstandard raw materials
  • Handling of coils of sheets and strips raw material
  • Unified Bill of Material view – both sheet BOM and Normal BOM
  • Cutting plan for all types of raw materials like angles, channels etc
Planning of Sheets using MRP II
  • MRP II has been extended to handle sheet planning also
    • Planning will consider stock of strips / blanks / sheet
Traceability and material consumption
  • Traceability of sheet in production using batch logic
Product costing
  • Product costing and valuation of sub assemblies in stock
Vendor stock and customer stock reconciliation
  • Control of production based on Customer DC in Job Order
  • Reconciliation of customer materials in Job Order based on
    • Customer Norms / Norms given in customer DC
  • Reconciliation based on Excise Challan and also period based
  • Reconciliation of materials in Sub Contract on
    • Sub Contract Norms / Norms given by company in Subcontract DC
  • S/C Material reconciliation based on Excise Challan and also period based