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InteGREATZ ERP India Private Limited has designed and developed ERP Products exclusively for small and medium companies. (SME). Most of the ERPs in the market follow the business culture of western world :sell the product at low cost and charge heavily on services making the cost of ownership of the customer very high, making ERPs dearer to SME companies.

SME companies have limited time at their disposal for understanding any system and implement.

The proficiency of personnel who use an ERP will be low. So the product has to be result oriented and user friendly, with less customisation.

SME manufacturing processes are not simpler and ERP has to be capable of handling all business process complications that of any major corporate.

InteGREATZ ERP product is a productized ERP. All companies use the same exe version.

All unique requirements of each customer are incorporated in the product and distributed to all existing customers.

By this approach, InteGREATZ ERP has almost reached a ready to use stage. With minimal customization (if required), the product is usable from dayone.

Implementation is just training the users and after uploading all masters and opening data from excel sheets, all day-today transactions can be entered. We guarantee Go-Live within a week.

To manage complex processes, our ERP is loaded with multilevel BOM, traceability using Batch or Serial Management, MRP II planning, OEE measurement, PPM, Product costing and much more

Our vision is to make small and medium manufacturing companies use InteGREATZ which is a management tool , affordable, easy to use and improve their competitiveness.

InteGREATZ ERP demystifies all ERP myths.