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A comprehensive product which has all core business processes incorporated for all industrial verticals in the same product.

Major industrial verticals handled are discrete manufacturing, component machining, assemblers either mechanical or electronic, plastic, rubber, aluminum die castings and all major discrete manufacturing industries.

For specific verticals, like label, wooden items, heat treatment, we have maintained separate manufacturing screens to accommodate their specific needs.

Otherwise all masters and transactions are common. This helps handling of rubber, plastic and metal components in the same company. Similarly, sheet components are assembled with machined components and they can use the product seamlessly.

InteGREATZ Projects

Turn key projects, machine tool builders and designed-to-order companies need to monitor all core activities based a project or a work order.

For them customer order, Purchase requisitions, Purchase orders are released based a project. Separate virtual stores are maintained for each project. Purchase items for a particular project are bought and stored in respective project stores. Production locations are created for a project and WIP is tracked. Raw material which are common for more than one project can be procured and stored in main stores which is common for all stores.

Usage of items between projects is possible only when it is transferred to the respective project store.

Project planning is done for each project separately and items for a project can be reserved.

For project companies, this is an excellent tool for managing project costing, budget variance analysis, and also to track a project status.

Add-on Modules

Work-Flow Management:
  • SMS alerts, mails and also pop-up messages are being sent for either for actions or information.
  • In each module whenever a document needs to be confirmed by a senior, message can eb sent to the superior for confirming the document.
  • Action events like rejections in inspection or sales return can trigger a message.
  • Reminder events can be sent for overdue supplier deliveries or customer despatches.
  • Analysis events like action to be taken when stock of items go below re-order point or safety stock is also done.
  • Daily status of important activities in the company can be sent to top management as direct desk reports.
Plant Maintenance
  • In this module, all machinery details are maintained.
  • Preventive maintenance schedule can be created and stored.
  • Work orders are created for preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance.
  • Track on work orders open and also cost of maintenance can be tracked.
  • The down time of machines and also its cost are captured.
Gauge Calibration
  • Gauges are maintained in serial numbers.
  • Calibration schedule is maintained for each serial number of gauge.
  • Based on usage and also time, calibration is done.
  • Usage of gauge can be seen.
Tool Maintenance:
  • Dies and Moulds can be maintained as an assembly.
  • Each part of the assembly can be maintained in serial numbers
  • During production, users can select the serial number and use.
  • When ever the item gets produced, the life of the tool is updated.
  • Tool audit schedule is also maintained.
  • Users get an alert if the tool is not audited.
  • Tools can be manufactured, subcontracted and also purchased
  • Customer die and moulds are also maintained.
Sales and Service:
  • Goods are received for service from new customers.
  • Also from existing customers to whom the product was sold
  • Complaint register is used to record the problem
  • Work orders are released and items are issued for service
  • Work order is closed and unused items are returned to stores
  • Cost of service is maintained
  • Separate labour and material invoices are managed.
Financial Accounting:
  • InteGREATZ Financial Accsounting handles all processes involved in General Accounting, Receivable Management, Payable Management, Fixed Assets Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Services.
  • Simplified ledger groups given as seed data.
  • Well structured reports of statutory requirements are met.
  • With InteGREATZ Financials accounting you can monitor your bottom line, maximize profits and maintain liquidity and financial stability in the most efficient way.