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Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I require an InteGREATZ - ERP?

In today’s competitive environment, success of an enterprise lies in its ability to change with growing need of the market. This is achievable only when information is available and complete business is under effective control. This necessitates systematically integrating the business processes and ensuring information available across the organization. This is done effectively by InteGREATZ ERP software. ERP is a necessity for any enterprise to grow and not a luxury anymore.

2. What should be my budget for InteGREATZ? Will I be ordering at a lower cost but end up with a higher project cost?

Generally ERP in India is being sold similar to how it is marketed in developed countries. The product cost is kept low and service cost is kept variable. That will squeeze the budget of the customers of ERP.

In InteGREATZ , we understand the business approach and provide you the much comfortable pricing – Project cost. It is flat and there are no hidden costs.

Prices are fixed for each product and does not vary with the size of the customer.

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3. What will be the benefit in money terms to our company?

There are both tangible and intangible benefits of InteGREATZ - ERP.

For any company to survive and grow, the following key parameters have to be under control

  1. Inventory
  2. Product cost
  3. Productivity
  4. Rejection control
  5. Customer satisfaction

InteGREATZ provides extensive analysis and reports of inventory. By effectively using MRP II planning optimum quantities can be procured. Effective planning and procurement of right quantity can reduce up to 10 % of the inventory expense per annum depending upon the nature of industry. The Work in Progress stock is an important element of Inventory which is overlooked because of non availability of data. WIP control will give a 2 to 3% reduction.

With InteGREATZ ERP, product costing can be done with ease. WIP value can eb arrived at. Also with cost of goods sold logic, marginal profit in each invoice can be verified.

Overall Equipment Efficiency report will help to know the productivity percentage and reasons for loss of productivity. This is critical as productivity loss is a huge contributor to product cost.

Measurement of cost of poor quality is a must to control rejection at every stage of manufacturing.

Proper rejection control, reporting on customer outstanding and also handling all defect analysis with CAR and CAPA enhances the customer satisfaction to higher levels.

Customers will be delighted and also retained if companies adhere to higher levels of on-time deliveries.

Intangibly, functional employees will concentrate doing more productive jobs as they all will have online data about customer delivery outstanding, supply pending, stock on hand, stock with vendor etc to name a few. These will give better working atmosphere and pave the way for reaching greater business targets.

4. Will I be able to reduce manpower if I implement an InteGREATZ?

This is very subjective. In some industries, there used to be employees who collect data and present to management. Many companies write their requisitions and also issue slips which requires additional manpower to handle such jobs. Such companies can effectively reduce manpower.

Others who have optimum manpower can utilize their time for productive use instead of searching for data, which will be available online in InteGREATZ

5. Do I have to employ additional manpower to take care of InteGREATZ ERP?

InteGREATZ will have to be used by the functional personnel. It will be a part of their day-today job. No additional manpower is required. All entries will have to be entered only by the respective functional employees.

6. Can I avoid paper usage if I implement an InteGREATZ ERP?

Yes. All reports can be viewed in the computer itself. Also separate views are available to see any set of transactions by querying using many variables. The particular transaction can be seen by drill down method.

But some important documents which need to be printed for statutory reason can be selectively printed. By proper analysis, the company can decide the reports which need to be printed and which need not be printed. In many cases, we can achieve near paperless office.

7. Why do ERP implementations Fail?

There are three major constituents of an ERP implementation cycle. One is the product, another customization and third is Implementation.

Even when the product is stable and good, the main reasons for any ERP failure is improper handling of customization and implementation. The reasons can be attributed to any or all of the following:


  • Scope definition and estimation of Customization efforts
  • Unrealistic expectations of the customer
  • Changes in the scope during and after development
  • Under estimation by the vendor for the customization efforts
  • Induced recursive errors due to customization thereby making the product unstable


  • Deployment of consultants not qualified to implement
  • Resistance from users to change
  • Poor project management
  • Inadequate involvement of users during scope definition
  • Under estimation by the vendor for the Implementation efforts
8. How can I get the best Return on Investment?

Management should list their 5 major pain areas. It can be any five of the following sample pain areas of SME companies:

  • Stock data not available online
  • Customer outstanding deliveries
  • Purchase material outstanding
  • WIP stock data
  • Sub Contract vendor stock data
  • Irregular indent release & Material shortage
  • Production shortage not known in time.
  • Planning of materials

….& many more depending upon the nature of the enterprise.

Then the expectations from an ERP should be focused towards solving those five pain areas.

If the ERP gives relief to more pain areas it is welcome.

But never expect ERP to computerize what is being done manually.

ERP should be looked at as a Decision Support System and not a transaction processing system.

When the above are followed systematically, ROI on ERP will be very high

9. How should I get prepared for InteGREATZ ERP?

ERP investment is very critical and preparation of all concerned is required. All employees of an enterprise at all levels should be aware of ERP and if possible they should be prepared well to receive a system. Best situation would be to involve all employees in defining the expectations of the enterprise. Thereby the resistance is minimized.

ERP awareness seminar, training is a must for smooth implementation.

It is prudent to have basic manual systems in place like Item numbering, Vendor/ customer codification, BOM , manufacturing process sheets etc.

If these are ready, implementation efforts will be minimal and project can be completed on time.

10. How long will InteGREATZ take to get implemented?

Implementation cycle of InteGREATZ includes training and hand holding till go-live. We have a proven methodology and by adhering to the schedule, training & entry of master data can be completed in 7days .Users can enter all transaction data from 8th day. InteGREATZ consultants will handhold for another

15 days and with that implementation will be completed.

11. Do I require ERP proficient personnel in our organization?

InteGREATZ is designed to be user friendly. The fields are very optimal and so users need not have to be proficient in any of the ERP terminology. Basic training given during implementation will suffice.

12. What if I don’t want some modules?

InteGREATZ is a bundled product with all modules. It is not sold module-wise. Though modules are well integrated, users can use only modules, which they need seamlessly.

13. What if I have some customization?

InteGREATZ is designed to fit all business processes and so customization will not be necessary. For the benefit of both our customers and us, we do not accept any specific customization. But still, we welcome requests for change, which will be studied by our development team and if found suitable, will be incorporated in our product in the next release/ upgrade/ version.

14. What should I do if I need more implementation support?

It is advisable to follow the steps of implementation and complete within the schedule proposed. But still if any more support is required, the consultants will stay for a fee.

15. What will be the hardware investment that we have to make?

InteGREATZ will work on a network environment or even in a single computer.

16. If I have four companies, how many licenses should I buy?

InteGREATZ software is sold for one server per company. If you have four companies, you have to install InteGREATZ ERP in each location. This is mandatory even to maintain RG 23 ledgers separately and show stock of each location separately to authorities.

17. How can ERP be implemented within a Month?

We follow a proven methodology with schedule for both customer and consultants. If that is followed, we can complete the implementation within a month.

The design of the product is so result oriented that not much time is wasted in configuration to make the product work.

The gap between the user and design of the product is reduced. That reduces the implementation efforts substantially.

18. What is the responsibility of customer during implementation?
  1. Allocate Implementation Project Leader – SPC
  2. Allocate Module Champions
  3. Hardware, Original Operating system, Original Oracle Data base, Net working and connectivity facilities shall be procured and installed.
  4. Creation of Master Data
  5. Dedicated Computer systems need to be provided for implementation personnel.
  6. Communication facility between Implementation Location and consultant’s Office.
19. What is the configuration of Hardware required?

For Server

  • Minimum 2 GB Ram or higher
  • High end processor
  • Windows 2000/NT 4.0 (service pack of 5 and above)
  • Minimum of 40GB HDD IDE/SCSI (Recommended SCSI)
  • 10/100 Ethernet Card
  • CD ROM Drive with read and write or tape Drive for data Back up

For Client

  • Minimum 1 GB Ram/
  • Windows operating system
  • Minimum of 20GB HDD IDE/SCSI (Recommended SCSI)
  • CD ROM Drive
  • Required networking and connectivity between locations
20. What are the softwares that we need to buy?

Windows Operating system. No other software is required. Integreatz will provide Oracle express which is free.