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Unique Features for
Rubber Parts manufacturing companies

Consumption and Traceability
  • Management of Heat loss using yield percentage in BOM
  • Password protection for Formulation BOM
  • Traceability - Use of Raw Material batch logic ie the same batch being used at all stages of production
  • Raw Material balance sheet for each batch to track consumption
Tool management and Audit
  • All tool items required for one die is maintained in serial number and managed
  • Set of die parts are mapped to an item
  • Life of each die-part is maintained
  • Audit alert provided before usage
  • Amortization Billing handled
Productivity Measurement
  • Master batch usage along with chemicals – handled with substitution logic
  • Use of Substitution Master for handling all bye-products and rejects
  • Handling of inserts during production
  • Insert recycling from rejected items and their reuse tracking
  • Raw Material balance sheet for each batch to track consumption
  • Production entry based on WC or Operator
  • Single Job Card Production managed with route card
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) measurement
Quality Management System
  • QMS – quality management system integrated with CAR
  • Measurement of cost of poor quality
  • Management of scrap and control
  • Quality inspection with quality plan for every stage of production
Vendor Stock and Customer stock reconciliation
  • Subcontract items tracking with vendors
  • Scrap expected from vendor view
  • Printing of weight along with numbers for items maintained in numbers while sending to subcontracting for plating or heat treatment
  • Subcontract material accounting based on DC or Excise challan
  • Handling of customer items and reconciliation
Product Costing
  • Overall costing and activity based costing can be arrived at
  • Cost of items produced can be seen
  • Also the loss making components list is available which compares cost of manufacturing with sales price