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Product Features: InteGREATZ Projects

Module: Purchase
  • Purchase requisitions linked to PO for a project
  • Procurement of common items and usage
  • PO for normal, subcontract and service with multiple delivery schedules
  • Fetching of commercial terms and conditions from info records
  • PO entry, amendment and confirmation for better control
  • Item vendor master for controlling receipts and delivery schedule
  • Service management
Module: Inventory Management
  • Creation of multiple stores and attach them to a specific project
  • Handling of multiple storage locations
  • Receipt via PO, cash purchases, from WIP, Sales return etc
  • Manual Reservation of items for a Project.
  • Control and transparency in transfer better projects
  • Multiple units of measures for an item
  • Return to vendor management handled
  • Vendor Items can be returned from Stock
  • Vendor return of Material rejections/ process rejection with reference
Module: Sales
  • Entry of customer order with multiple deliveries
  • Each customer order is attached to a project
  • Invoicing against order, Direct Billing, Supplementary Billing
  • Info records for automatic fetching of prices and conditions
  • Tax masters to create and handle taxes
Module: Planning
  • Planning with BOM explosion
  • Planning is done for each item in a project and managed
  • Stock in common stores and Project stores considered in planning
  • Detailed MRP II with optimum parameters based on APICS norms
  • Provision to enter forecast orders for individual items
  • Handling of variable lead time concepts using routing masters
  • Shop calendar to guide backward planning
  • Re order point planning
Module: Design & BOM
  • Management of single and multiple level BOM
  • Version of BOM maintained to track changes
  • View of indented BOM, list and also multi level structure view
  • BOM also for job order items
  • Arrive at roll up cost of a parent item
  • Subcontract items BOM possible
  • Auto BOM creation wizard for creating production BOM
Module: Production
  • Manual production orders & also orders linked to MRP planning
  • Production is linked to a project
  • Consumption only from respective project stores
  • Multiple production locations
  • Production orders linked to BOM
  • Single screen to handle MO entry, release, material request and report production
  • Handling of rework
  • Back flush option for direct consumption
  • WIP stock valuation
Module: Sub Contract
  • Sub contract managed at product level
  • Use of BOM for material transfer and accounting
  • Challan Based Sub contract material accounting
  • Separate type of POs linked with BOM
  • Efficient material control by creating vendor locations
  • Separate subcontract purchase order closure
  • Any time stock ledger and stock with vendor report
  • Sub contract items can be sent for Rework and received via re-inward
Module: Job Order
  • Receipt of customer material
  • Challan based material accounting
  • Challan update while receipt, billing and return to customer
  • Return possible as RM, Scrap, Material Rejections, Process Rejections
  • Challan based reports to customer
Module: Quality Control
  • Two levels of inspection and disposition
  • Optimal control to ensure usage of material only after quality approval
  • Disposition of items as accepted on deviation
  • Return to vendor management
  • In process inspection
  • Option to manage quality checking for selective vendors
  • Rejection analysis can be done
Module: Systems
  • User groups and user creation
  • Selective menus for users as per their privileges
  • Client server architecture for better management of hardware resources
Module: Project Costing
  • Budget is captured during entry of project
  • Costing of purchase items is done based on weighted average cost
  • Manufacturing cost captured at every node point of data capture in production
  • Consolidated reports possible on project cost with various cost buckets
  • Analysis of budget variance