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InteGREATZ as Management Tool

Manufacturing companies have to control input costs and increase operational efficiency to be successful in their businesses.

Small and medium companies who carry out few operations of a part have been always squeezed between escalating input costs and pressure from customers asking for reduction in price.

Under such adverse conditions of business, SME require an Efficient Management Tool like InteGREATZ ERP to control all variables of input costs.

As a Management tool, Integreatz ERP Controls Material consumption, measures Productivity and does Profitability analysis

Material consumption
  • Integreatz ERP has a simple but robust MRP II planning.
  • MRP planning calculates for all customer requirements by exploding BOM.
  • By taking into consideration the stock at various levels arrives at what needs to be procured.
  • So you ultimately procure what is required with nil carrying cost.
  • In Integreatz issue of goods is controlled by pick list or backflush.
  • Also Integreatz efficiently manages scrap & other bye products like runner & risers, end bits etc.
Quality Management system
  • Quality Management system of Integreatz captures all defects during manufacturing.
  • Trigger is given for closure of Corrective Action Report.
  • This call for action eliminates the defect’s recurrence.
  • Integreatz also measures cost of poor quality.
Productivity Measurement
  • Integreatz ERP gives values and graphs for OEE ie Overall Equipment Efficiency report.
  • Showing the performance of machines with respect to targets.
  • With loss reason code analysis, performance can be improved.
  • Also Operator efficiency reports give the efficiency details of operators shift-wise, with which corrective action can be taken.
Profitability Measurement
  • Marginal profit can be arrived at comparing the cost of manufacturing vs sales price.
  • In Integreatz ERP, since valuation is done during every stage of manufacture, the cost of saleable good is always known.
  • Management can see the marginal profit and avoid making loss making components.
  • All these are designed so user friendly that no user level ERP proficiency is required.
  • Undoubtedly, Integreatz ERP is not a transaction processing software but an cost effective and useful Management tool.